Re-designing busuu

One year as a Product Designer

Website before: July 2013
Website after: July 2014

Design Principle One:

When in doubt — reduce

Our UI toolkit for Learning Components

Tip: Make (and use) a style guide even if you don’t know what your style is yet.

The original busuu blue: #3190d0
The current busuu blue: #61bcf9

Design Principle Two:

Pictures are better than words (and icons are better than pictures)

An example of the same text in both English and Russian
Our current activity screen on the busuu iOS mobile app

Tip: Use SVGs

Design Principle Three:

Less steps good, more steps bad

This is one of our lesson cards, which appear on the dashboard — the first page the user sees on the web application

Tip: Don’t get lost in product re-skins

Design (Team) Principle Four:

Work fast


Redesign your culture, not just your product

Designer and builder. Mostly online. Sometimes off

Designer and builder. Mostly online. Sometimes off